Photos by: Gonzalo Camacho, P.E. / Houston, Caninos Farmer's Market

Houston's Caninos Farmer's Market, located at 2520 Airline Drive, is a very unique and active outdoor market, a reminder of produce markets in Bolivia where once a week we would go shop of fruits and vegetables. But we did not just shop around but we had our "caceritas" or particular vendors where we would purchase particular items; fruits from one, vegetables from the other, meet from another. Caninos offers that particular personal market where vendors are friendly and energetic. One of them offered me a plum to taste - it has been a very long time since I had as sweet and delicious plum.

Other than fruits and vegetables, eggs and different types of beans are available. An to celebrate the Mexican culture, there are vendors that sell some typical "Made in Mexico" ceramic cups and other trinkets. People who love cooking should love shopping at Caninos.