Photos by: Gonzalo Camacho, P.E. / Ukraine

Perhaps when boundaries are crossed is when it is discovered that the world is formed by many colors; colors spread by the magical stroke of a brush. Little might be know about the person that held the brush, author or creator, but the resulting effect that endures a lifetime if not an eternity.

Ukraine, January of 2007. On the banks of the Dnieper River is Kiev, dating back to the 5th century, is one of the oldest cities in Europe. Not having a road map, walking the streets is an adventure with surprises waiting around the corners. Walk about Independence Square and up one of the narrow streets to a spacious avenue. To the right is the majestic St. Michael's Cathedral of the Golden Domes.
Below St. Michael's Cathedral of the Golden Domes. Opposite to St. Michael's is St. Sophia Cathedral. The Cathedral is only one of the many buildings. And an iconographic detail over one of the doors of the Cathedral.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra or Monastery of the Caves is an Orthodox Christian monastery that dates to 1051. UNESCO declared it a World Heritage Site. It is told that a Greek Orthodox monk Antony settled in Kiev in early 1100s' and chose a cave overlooking the Dnieper River where he founded the beginning of what is now the monastery of Lavra.

A side door with elaborate details. Part of the details, a religious depiction.
A skip and a hop away (short plane trip) is located the Church of the Holy Resurrection. And on the opposite side of the square is the Art Museum which used to be a collegiate church. It now holds the "largest collection of Galician iconography and sacred wood paintings and sculptures."

Surprisingly the Art Museum can have a lively tone since it is the chosen location for piano recitals given by students from the local music school Opposite from the Church of the Holy Resurrection, on the other side of the square, is the Armenian Church. Besides spiritual guidance both churches are great for way finding.
To the east of the square is the Armenian Church and to the west is the Church of the Holy Resurrection. The church towers are great to point the direction as shown by the picture below.
A smaller skip and a hop away is Saint Andrew's Church. An inside view of Saint Andrew's Church.

Another church that got the attention of many peoplewhere Christ is located resting at the top.

Another view of the same church with and angel not too far.

Actually January 7 is when Christmas is celebrated in Ukraine. Groups of children and some adults dress-up and sing along the streets.

Interestingly, the old churches cannot be easily told from the new ones. Below, on the left, is an old church and behind it is another church that was built in the last few years which is shown on the right.

Churches take many forms and shapes. The most fascinating part is what the structure of the churches house. Plane and unpretentious from afar.

Up close the church shows color and texture.

Within, to the left of the podium and to the right, color and details express their devotion.

The icons around and about are incredible and at this particular church are crowned by the virgin and angels up above.